Virtual Memorial, Celebration of Life Services and Tribute Videos

We Plan and Create Beautiful Virtual Memorials, Virtual Celebration of Life, Tribute Videos and Tribute Websites
Let us help you prepare a unique and special tribute for your loved one
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Virtual Memorial Services

With the onset of COVID-19, we can no longer gather together like we used to. This is an alternative. We still will gather together, only virtually, online, in a more intimate setting.

Virtual Memorials allows you to invite family and friends to attend a beautiful online Virtual Ceremony of remembrance. It is specifically designed for people who decide to have a memorial at a non traditional place, your home vs. a church or funeral home.

Let us help you plan, advise, and implement how you would like to present your Virtual Live Memorial Service.

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Virtual Celebration of Life

A Celebration of Life can happen right after the death of a loved one or a year later. Its about remembering, celebrating, and paying tribute to a person being remembered. Lets celebrate and honor a life once lived.

Lets tell stories, share humorous experiences, share photos and memories and lets celebrate their life. A dedicated website is included and more. We want to work with you to make this a wonderful Celebration.

Tribute Video

Tribute Videos gives you a way to share your loved ones life moments with family and friends. We create unique professional quality videos that tell the story of your loved one. We do this through graphics, animated photos, video, slides and music. We retouch all photos included in the video.

Please check out our Video Packages and get started with creating memories.

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Tribute Website

What a way to share memories, stories, photos and videos with family and friends in paying tribute to your loved one. We offer several tribute website packages for you to choose one. Each website is dedicated and reflects the life and memories of your loved one. It can also be public or private.

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