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Ann Kessel/Founder & CEO

After graduating with a Masters of Fine Arts in Design and Technology from Parsons School of Design, and Masters of Arts in Media Studies from the New School University, Ann was focused on having her own business in Website Development and Media Marketing. Her career ambition led to the creation of MultiZone Media. Of course, there were other career opportunities that Ann pursued while working on MultiZone Media.

She was an Adjunct Professor teaching graduate and undergraduate level courses, and worked at many design firms. While she was attending graduate school, she acquired an interest in how people memorialized their deceased loved ones. She took a job at a local cemetery and decided to write her thesis on Cremated Remains - the Personalization of Death. It was there that she had her first visit to a private room in a mausoleum.

It was not until the recent passing of her mother, that she decided to have her company focus on helping with the grieving process while at the same time helping families pay tribute to their deceased loved ones. MultiZone Media Virtual Memorials was developed, and at the same time the country was experiencing COVID-19, the deadly virus.

The Virtual Memorial and the Virtual Celebration of Life pay tribute to a life well lived. It includes participation from family and friends. The Tribute Video tells the story from beginning to end with photos and videos of the deceased life. Everything is designed with the deceased person in mind, from designing with colors, sounds, and visions the deceased would have. In other words, they get to know the person and then design for them.

Ann has been so excited about how this company will help in the grieving process and at the same time can pay tribute to their deceased love one. She is also planning on doing a Virtual Memorial as a tribute to her mother, on her mothers upcoming birthday.


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